Adopts water-based digital printing inkjet technology, independent research and development of a number of production lines. Environmental zero emissions, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with modern home decoration pay attention to health, environmental protection, high quality requirements.

Our Advantage

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We use digital inkjet technology to provide fast and customized home and advertising carpet production services to meet customer specific needs. Our products have the characteristics of green environmental protection, bright colors and rich patterns. We welcome the majority of supermarkets, e-commerce and advertising customized customers to inquire and order.

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Service Object

Are you worried about the large order volume, too long delivery cycle, and too few patterns?

Cooperative customers

We can provide


The service mode of ordering in batches;
Can be supplied quickly and flexibly;
reduce inventory risk;
Rich product types and patterns.


Are you worried about the difficulty of customization, the difficulty of pattern and design, and the low quality of products?

Cooperative customers

We can provide


Through color management technology, soft proofing is realized, and the design scheme is more intuitive;
A variety of material selection, to meet the quality needs.


AI drawing to provide more space and more possibilities for flower design. The massive gallery is continuously updated to meet the needs of different customers.

through the MAS production system, flexible commercial production mode, to achieve collaborative production, flexible production, intelligent management and improve production efficiency, quickly adapt to changes in market demand.

Co-production of factories in China and the United States. Through information exchange, complementary advantages, shared logistics platform, local production and local sales, greatly reduce logistics and warehousing costs.